It’s a Good START, But Now What? (4/8/10)

AP PhotoAs you’ve probably seen in the news, President Obama and Russian President Medvedev met in Prague yesterday morning to sign the historic New START treaty limiting strategic nuclear weapons.

…now what?

For the treaty to become law, the U.S. Senate and Russian Duma must ratify it. This means 67 votes in the Senate — but there is no reason why the treaty shouldn’t have unanimous support based on its merits alone.

The greatest enemy here is partisan distraction, and there’s a possibility that a handful of outspoken ideologues in the Senate can derail or weaken the treaty. This would not only damage strategic relations between us and Russia, it would be a huge step in the wrong direction toward nuclear insecurity.

Want to do something right now?

Along with contacting your Senators to let them know you support ratification, why not take a few minutes to watch this remarkable video from nuclear policy expert Joe Ciricinione — and then help to make the video go viral. Send it to your colleagues, friends, family, and anyone who may not understand the urgency of the movement toward disarmament.

Nukes in the News

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Here’s faith and culture writer Jonathan Merritt’s take on the New START treaty in an op-ed for the Huffington Post, “A Good START to a Safer World

USA Today: “Obama announces changes in U.S. nuclear weapon policy

God’s Politics Blog: “A New START Toward Nuclear Disarmament.”

The Christian Post: “Evangelicals Support U.S., Russia Nuclear Arms Treaty

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