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No road map to total nuclear disarmament currently exists, because a world free of—and freed from—nuclear weapons looks radically different than the one we live in. The elimination of global arsenals will require international security regimes and cooperation on many fronts—including the political, social, and scientific. However, all of Faithful Security’s programmatic work in the religious arena is designed to further the success of at least one of three trajectories leading toward the goal of nuclear weapon elimination.

1. Reversing Current Trends in Nuclear Weapons Policy.

The Department of Energy’s Complex 2030/Complex Transformation proposal and theReliable Replacement Warhead program envision a security policy reliant on Cold War-level arsenals into the indefinite future. Faithful Security opposes all such policy scenarios and their concrete manifestations, such as investment in weapons labs, renewed testing, and budget allocation.

2. Reducing Threats and Enhancing Security.

Faithful Security advocates for any immediately possible steps that would lessen the nuclear threat and improve the climate for disarmament, such as de-alerting missiles, ratifying the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and a global “lockdown” of fissile material. In addition, we support the peaceful resolution of conflict in global hotspots such as North Korea , Iran , and Israel, where the threat of nuclear incident can be transformed into a strengthened architecture of conventional global security guarantees—a sine qua non of nuclear weapon elimination.

3. Holding the Vision.

Underlying all of Faithful Security’s work is the unapologetic insistence on keeping the moral imperative at the heart of work for total nuclear disarmament, while working toward the practical, verifiable steps that will bear this vision into being. On a policy front, this means Faithful Security constantly works toward a new National Nuclear Policy Review which will incorporate this moral conviction, with the objective of determining a framework for moving toward compliance with our NPT Article VI obligations.